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Improv in The Park

From Disability we Create Ability

·       What: Improvising life with disability

·       Where: Arvada Parks

·       No cost to participants  

Vitality In Action Foundation is providing free introductory improvisational instruction in neighborhood parks for adults living with disability. Local Improv Instructor, Griffen Davis, is organizing classes for this summer.  Classes will meet in Arvada parks, to be determined as groups are formed.  Register for a class at www.VitalAct123.com 

Improv Class Summary

Over the course of 3 meetings, we will instruct each student on various methods and techniques of improv. Many think of improv as synonymous with comedy; we believe that its use can be beneficial in many aspects of life absent comedic intent.   We teach the concept of “Yes, and” focusing on better ways to actively listen and contribute in a scene.  After each lesson we discuss how these traits and skills can be used in our everyday lives.  We encourage everyone to participate in each game, exercise, and discussion; no one is left behind.

Why Improv?

  • Disability raises barriers to participation in community activities.
  • Improv requires individuals to connect and form teams that can buffer those barriers.
  • It’s FUN!

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Vitality In Action Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit corporation   |   6500 Deframe Court   |   Arvada, Colorado 80004

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